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Monday, May 30, 2011

Comic Con Day 4

Sorry I'm a day behind on the last two recaps. Here's the last review for the 2011 Phoenix Comic Con:
So we realized we couldn't go see George Takei due to previous commitments, so we showed up around 11:30 to see Billy Dee Williams talk about his career. I went in nerdy, green lantern-fan-boy, civilian clothes with Tinkerbell. There were some fun questions for Billy Dee and a friend of mine that's a Jawa went up and asked him a question. He was very laid back, and there's not a whole lot to tell except that he wears boxers and not briefs. After Bill Dee was the Chuck  panel with Robert Duncan McNeill and Adam Baldwin. They're both funny guys and were great. The told us that they don't know whats going to happen next season because the writers are going to get together in a couple weeks and figure everything out. Afterwards, Tinkerbell and I got Wil Wheaton's signature. Tinkerbell got it on a mint condition, still in its original packing, Wesley Crusher toy, and I got it on my program.
That's pretty much it for Phoenix Comic Con 2011. It was a blast, there were a lot of cool costumes and lots of stars. I'm hoping to go next year if they have it again. There's been some talk about next year's con, but if they have it again next year, I definitively want to go. Well that's all for now. Catch ya later!

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