Monday, May 30, 2011

Comic Con Day 4

Sorry I'm a day behind on the last two recaps. Here's the last review for the 2011 Phoenix Comic Con:
So we realized we couldn't go see George Takei due to previous commitments, so we showed up around 11:30 to see Billy Dee Williams talk about his career. I went in nerdy, green lantern-fan-boy, civilian clothes with Tinkerbell. There were some fun questions for Billy Dee and a friend of mine that's a Jawa went up and asked him a question. He was very laid back, and there's not a whole lot to tell except that he wears boxers and not briefs. After Bill Dee was the Chuck  panel with Robert Duncan McNeill and Adam Baldwin. They're both funny guys and were great. The told us that they don't know whats going to happen next season because the writers are going to get together in a couple weeks and figure everything out. Afterwards, Tinkerbell and I got Wil Wheaton's signature. Tinkerbell got it on a mint condition, still in its original packing, Wesley Crusher toy, and I got it on my program.
That's pretty much it for Phoenix Comic Con 2011. It was a blast, there were a lot of cool costumes and lots of stars. I'm hoping to go next year if they have it again. There's been some talk about next year's con, but if they have it again next year, I definitively want to go. Well that's all for now. Catch ya later!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Comic Con Day 3

Sorry I didn't post anything last night. There was a quick update, but not a full review. so here it goes:
I went as Superboy, and I went with Scarlet Spider, Sheik, and Superman. We met up with my friend, "The Silver Puma", and waited in line for Bruce Boxleitner. He was great, he talked about being in the original Tron and what it was like when he came back for Tron: Legacy. Then he talked about the upcoming show for Disney XD, Tron: Uprising, because he's doing some voice overs for the show. He also talked about Babylon 5 and the great cast they had there. He mourned the death over his Babylon 5 co-star, Jeff Conway who died only the day before on May 27. After Boxleitner, we went over to a panel with Robert Duncan McNeill. He is the Director and Producer of Chuck and Played Tom Paris on Star Trek: Voyager. He was a great guy. He was funny and smart and really nice (and he can juggle). He told us about how he started out on Voyager and how he started directing. A lot of people wanted to know what's going on with Chuck for the next season, but he told us that he doesn't  know, but the writers will get together in a couple weeks and figure everything out. After that, we went back into the ballroom where we were for Boxleitner and watched Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy announced previously that his appearance at Phoenix Comic Con might be his last before he retires.It was really cool. He told his life story and showed us some pictures, he told us about the birth of the Vulcan neck-pinch and "Live long and Prosper" hand. If it was his last appearance, then he made it with dignity. He lived up to and exceeded all my expectations of him. Following Nimoy, was Stan, the man himself, Lee accompanied by Jaime Paglia. Stan and Jaime met last year at Phoenix Comic Con and are great friends. Stan says Jaime is a fantastic guy and is amazingly smart. Stan was asked about his favorite cameo appearance he made, if he knew anything about the villain for The Avengers movie, Stan Lee's favorite DC hero, and Mavel's relationship with DC. Stan's favorite cameo was in one of the Spider-man movies but is now his appearance in Thor, he knows nothing about the Avengers villain but if he did know he would probably tell us since he can't keep a secret, he liked the character Lobo but doesn't know much about him, and told us about how all the DC and Marvel guys used to be friends and how he'd love another Marvel and DC team up. He was a little hard of hearing, so Jaime had to retell him some of the questions. After Stan's panel, there was a Eureka panel with Jamie Paglia again and Wil Wheaton. We saw Wil Wheaton last year and he was spectacular. He's funny and nice. He's appeared on Eureka (of course) as Dr. Issac Parrish, The Big Bang Theory as The Evil Wil Wheaton, Leverage as Chaos, and Star Trek: The Next Generation as Wesley Crusher. They talked about how exciting the new season of Eureka is and they debut a brand new sneak peak for the new season.
Afterwards we looked around for a bit more and then left.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Comic Con Quick Update

Quick Update: So right now I'm sitting in the 5th row in the Ballroom of the Phoenix convention center. So far today we've seen Bruce Boxleitner and Robert Duncan McNeil. Right now we're waiting for Leonard Nemoy. After that we're going to see Stan Lee and Jamie Paglia. It's been a blast so far and I will give a full review later today. I've got to get back to the con now. Catch ya later!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Comic Con Day 2

So today was the second day of Phoenix Comic Con. A lot of cool things happened.
  • We went to two awesome Star Trek panels (No "stars")
  • I dressed as Wolverine/Logan (civilian clothes), and went with Rouge and a Ninja (who looked kinda like Sub Zero)
  • Got "Song of the South" (You can't buy it in America)
So here's my little blurb about the Star Trek panels:
So the first panel was called "Star Trek Lives Again". They  talked about the 2009 J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, the possibilities for a new Star Trek show on CBS (live action or Animated), and the possibilities for the Star Trek sequel. So from the information we got, the Star Trek movie is slated to come out June 29, 2012, but it seems more likely that it won't come till the holidays, if not 2012. In a few weeks CBS will release more information. The guys that were on the panel was Anthony Pascale (the guy that runs Trek, Morgan Gendel, Dr. David A. Williams (the former president of the United Federation of Arizona), and Chris Swanson.
The second panel was Morgan Gendel (the writer of the Star Trek: The Next Generation's "The Inner Light")
talk about "The Inner Light". He told us about he came up with the idea and about him pitching the idea to the producers of Next Gen. He also told us about his idea for a Graphic Novel titled "The Outer Light", being a sequel to "The Inner Light". In the novel, the Enterprise would come across a probe full of some of the cryogenically frozen inhabitants from Kataan. One of these people would be Eline
This sounds really cool and I know I would read it.

Anyways, today was fun. We saw a Deadpool, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Ness (Earthbound), Ike, Rapunzel, Storm, Wolverine, Mario and Luigi, Pitt, Clu, and dozens of Trekkies.

My friend got a Green Lantern Ring from the animated tv series (JL and JLU) and we got Song of the South.

I still highly recommend you go if you can. Well, that's it from me. Catch ya later!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Comic Con Day 1

So tonight was the first night of Comic Con, (The Preview Night). There weren't many celebrities,but we did get about five feet away from Wil Wheaton a few times. There were a lot more booths this year. We got a cool free poster for the new Green Lantern movie and I bought the coolest Green Lantern movie replica ring.
There were a lot of cool things there. This year looks promising.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a few things...

So there's a few things I want to address in this post:
  1. Happy Geek Pride Day! May 25th is national Geek Pride Day, so go out into the world and show them who's geek. For more information check out the Wikipedia page:
  2. For the past few days I've been posting everyday. That is because this blog is relatively new and there's a lot of news I want to cover, but once I get this blog up to date, post will probably become more of a weekly deal.
  3. For those of you that didn't know, I live in Arizona. The Phoenix Comic Con is starting tomorrow and some of my "Amazing friends" and I are going. It's going from Thursday to Sunday and I'll be attending everyday. If you live in the state of Arizona I highly suggest you go, it's gonna be a blast. I went last year and had a lot of fun. So for the next few days I'll be giving updates on stuff from the Con.
That's pretty much everything I wanted to address in this post, so I'll talk to you guys soon. Catch ya later!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Speaking of Green Lantern...
This fall Green Lantern is getting his own animated TV series on Cartoon Network.
It's about time!
Almost every major DC hero (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash) has had their own series (animated or not) except for Green Lantern.
Not a whole lot has been released, but this picture for the new series looks pretty cool:
It is not known whether it will deal with the plot of the new GL movie, but there's always a possibility.
Tell me what you think in the comment selection below.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The New Green Lantern Trailer

So as you probably already know, the movie Green Lantern is coming out this summer. It's staring Ryan Renolds as Hal Jordan and looks pretty cool.
Now I've been a big fan of Green Lantern for a long time, but I've been pretty skeptic about the new movies because Green Lantern hasn't gotten a whole lot of time in the spot light and I don't want them to mess this up, but this new trailer has me convinced.
Here's the new trailer:

Tell me what you think about this movie by leaving a comment below.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Apocalypse Fail

So yesterday was supposed to the apocalypse according to Harold Camping and his followers. They said the world would end at 6pm. As you can obviously tell, the world didn't end. Many of his followers spent their life savings advertising this "Rapture rubbish". Here's a billboard that was released after this failed End of the World scare:


Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Post

Hello I'm Super Nerd. This is my blog where I will be posting all the nerdy content I come across from all over the internet.